Your Skin Can Tell You A lot About Your Health!

Your Skin Can Tell You A lot About Your Health! The skin is the largest organ on our body, and if we follow the signs carefully, we can detect some deficiencies or conditions even before we go to the doctor.   From the nutritionist point of view, we can figure out a lot of things just by looking at our epidermis. To avoid showing you extremely graphic pictures of various unsightly skin conditions, we decided here to make this info graphic to show you what your skin is signaling. Check out the picture below and figure out what your skin says about your nutritive deficiencies so you can do something about them. your-skin-can-tell-you-a-lot-about-your-health If you lack some of these nutrients, check out our list below to see what foods you should eat in order to bring the balance back into your metabolism. Vitamin A : eggs, liver and sweet potatoes Vitamins B: grains, sprouted legumes and almonds Vitamin C: kiwi fruit, capsicum and green leafy vegetables Vitamin D: Get out in the sun! Vitamin E: nuts, seeds and flaxseed oil C0q10: cauliflower, fish and broccoli Zinc: pumpkin seeds, oysters Bear in mind that if you have a more serious problem which lasts for a longer period, you should consult a natural health practitioner, who will make up a treatment plan according to your specific needs. Another thing you should have in mind is the bad effect that sugar has on your skin. People who quit using sugar in their diet have reported that their wrinkles are gone and their skin tone has evened out. If you don’t have the willpower to completely give it up, make sure you bring it to the bare minimum. The results will nonetheless be amazing! There is also a lot of research conducted in order to see how sugar affects the body. Sugar causes a process called glycation when it reacts to the proteins in our body. This process brings about the creation of harmful molecules which experts call AGE’s (advanced glycation molecules). They cause the healthy proteins and the collagen in our skin to break down and thus they accelerate the ageing process. Skin takes up 15 % of our body weight and is our largest organ, so if you want to keep it looking fresh and healthy, stay away from sugar and follow the signs it gives you, as you might have some nutrient deficiency. Share this post if you found it interesting and helpful!

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