You Know That Onions Are Good For You, But No One Ever Told You This

417 You’ve probably heard that onions can treating many different health issues. For example, onions can aid people suffering from chronic vomiting and usually people use them as a natural antibiotic that promotes the normal functioning of the immune system. Onions belong to the family Allium and they are rich in sulfur, which is the reason why they have such powerful antibiotic and antiseptic properties. Also, this is rich in antioxidants, particularly with quercetin which fights against the free radicals. It is proven that onion juice is useful for respiratory problems since it’s a very efficient expectorant. Additionally, onions are useful for promoting heart health, treating arthritis, and lowering the levels of cholesterol. Diabetics should also use onions because they are rich in sulfur and have great flavonoid content. So, as we said earlier, for centuries people used onions for their medicinal and healing powers. How to Use Onions as Treatment
  • Colic – the Cherokee Indians created a recipe that can help treat colic in infants. Take a small yellow onion, slice it and then boil it. Wait until the onion cools down and then strain the content. Give a teaspoon of this solution to your baby every hour until you see it passes.
  • Dissolve the chest congestion – put an onion in coconut oil and then crush it. You’ll get a paste which should then be applied on the chest. Use towel to cover the chest.
  • Ear pain and infections – chop an onion and place it in a sock and then tie it. Put the sock over the affected ear and hold it. Wait until the pain is gone.
  • Coughs – peel a large onion and slice it in two parts. The, put one tablespoon of brown sugar on each half of the onion. Wait for an hour before you consume it. Do this two times a day to alleviate the cough.
  • Treat cuts – there is a transparent film that covers the onion. This film can be used to prevent bleeding. Additionally it has amazing antiseptic properties.
  • Fever – slice an onion in very thin pieces. Massage the soles with coconut oil before you put a thin slice of onion on the arches of the and then wrap the slices. Additionally, put the socks on before bed. This amazing natural remedy will eliminate the toxins.
  • Clear the air – place pieces of onion in various parts of your house to purify the air protect yourself against viruses and bacteria.
  • Vomiting – Take a white or yellow onion and squeeze the juice. But before that, cover the it using a cheesecloth. Make a cup of peppermint tea and wait until it cools down. Drink two teaspoons of onion juice and 5 minutes later consume two teaspoons of peppermint tea. Again, wait for five minutes before you drink the onion juice again. Do this until you feel relived. You’ll stop vomiting immediately and the nausea will cease in about 15 minutes.
Other ways to use onions:
  • Rub an onion half on your skin to protect yourself from the insects • Apply onion juice on the scalp to promote hair growth • Use onion juice to protect your clothing from moths • Boil onion juice and spray around when it is cold on the plants to protect them from bugs • Take a slice of onion and rub iron surfaces to keep them from rusting • Use slices of onion to clean and polish copper and glassware • Massage your skin with half an onion to protect yourself from freckling.
Native American tribes have relied on onions in cases of colds and flu. The World Health Organization has recommended the use of onion for preventing coughs, bronchitis, infections and congestion. Onion have been used for centuries and this is one of those vegetables that can help treat so many health problems. So, every time you feel some of the health problems we’ve described use onions.

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