Why the Skin on the Fingers Dialed in Water?

kmeidked Scientists believe that for decades fingers and toes in the water muster since the outer layer of skin absorbs water and is dialed. However, according to new research that is not true. Bright side writes that the outer layer is tightly tied to the back and can easily be expanded. Scientists now believe that harvesting skin has evolutionary background, meaning that the skin of the fingers is collected because it is easier to deal with wet area – the movement is easier and easier to catch fish. In 2013 we conducted several studies on the subject. One of the volunteers required to catch wet and dry items in two different situations when the skin is dry and when the skin is picked up by the water. With wet hands and collected skin much more easily grasped wet items and 12 percent. Scientists compared the feature with vehicle tires. The scientists concluded that the toes in the water not muster but that the skin shrinks due to blood vessels which constrict them, so do the famous view of the wrinkled skin of the fingers. Source:http://healthadviceteam.com Save

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