Vitamins For Smokers

1441466295_33 No one knows with certainty exactly which ingredients from the cigarettes cause illness, but for sure we know that they cause it. A lot of researchers around the world tell us that smoking cigarettes is the main risk factor for causing : lung cancer, chronic bronchitis, lung emphysema, obstructive changes to the peripheral blood cells, tongue cancer, larynx, pancreas and a lot of others. Even though the harmful actions from the cigarettes cannot be removed, in order to decrease those actions, smoking addicts are recommended to take the following vitamins. How to keep your arteries free with the help of vitamin E? Cigarettes together with nicotine as its ingredient is the causer of arteriosclerosis, so its not unusual that every hour a smoker dies from arteriosclerosis. Nicotine is the one responsible for all of this. It speeds up the collecting of blood cells that fills up the arteries. If the nicotine is the bad ingredient, the vitamin E is the good. A lot of scientific researchers proved that vitamin E is the one who is the antagonist to nicotine and stops the collecting of bloos cells and prevents obliteration of the lumen of arteries. According to this, if you have already decided to smoke, to protect your arteries and yourself, start consuming vitamin E. Vitamin E is a very good protection. Except the nicotine, in this whole story we need to pay attention to carbon monoxide and its overwhelming action to the heart, and also the hemoglobin affinity that makes this case even more dangerous. The hemoglobin has 200 times bigger affinity towards carbon monoxide than towards oxygen, which makes it supply tissue with carbon monoxide rather than oxygen. To the smokers this appearance gives the following symptoms: short breath, tiredness, especially when climbing stairs, walking etc. It successfully stimulates detoxication to the cancer substance in the cigarettes which is benzpirin. Vitamin C makes the hydroxylation to this cancer substance in the hepar. Except the already stated poisonous substances, there is a important part – acetaldehyde where the antagonist to this poisonous compound is a combination of vitamin C and B1 – thiamine and acetylcysteine. You can find the vitamins, but to get rich in acetylcysteine you must consume walnuts, eggs, soya beans and beer yeast. In addition to the stated and all the protective measures taken, its is for the best, the smokers to quit cigarettes, have strong faith and will in themselves to stop, because after all, their health is above everything.

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