Treatment with sand


The sand is used for medicinal purposes since ancient times. Today this method is placed on scientific grounds .

 Treatment with sand used very effectively in rheumatism , osteoarthritis , rheumatoid arthritis , after an illness of articular rheumatism, sprains, dislocations , tendinitis , injuries , injuries , bursitis, sciatica.
The most suitable is  dry and warm sand. In marine sands contain silicon , potassium, manganese , magnesium , potassium, sodium and other oxides , ingredients from algae and elements of sea water and a significant amount of air , which determines its absorbency .

The therapeutic effect of sand healing,is due to temperature and mechanical effect on the body , fine warmed sand snugly against the body , filling all the bumps and gradually releases its heat . Physiological effect due to its low thermal conductivity , having taken considerable heat. This is the reason the sandy procedures to be better tolerated at higher temperatures than water .

In this sweat is absorbed by the sand and relieves the patient. Therefore sand treatment not burden the body is well tolerated even by patients with heart failure, adults and children. Of course, before proceeding to treatment with sand, the patient must be advised of your home doctor. In sand treatment in the body occurs an increased blood supply and feeding of tissues, amplified metabolism, and this spread inflammatory processes, reduce pain and cramps, and by sweating disposed harmful products from the body.

Treatment with sand is practiced on the beach, where it is combined with sun therapy. The temperature of the sand must be 40-45 ° C. Procedures sand collected piles of oblong and after warm from the sun, they do hole in which the patient lies down, covering her body with 6 to 10 inches of sand, chest and abdomen - 3-4 cm, and heart area let free. The head is mandatory under the hood or cover with a wet towel in cold water. Sand bath starts with a duration of 10 minutes daily increased by 5-10 minutes to 40 minutes maximum.Upon conclusion of the procedure the patient take a shower with sea water ( 38 ° C) , lies wrapped in a sheet and blanket to continue to sweat . After stopping perspiration again take a shower and rest 30 minutes to restore equilibrium temperature . It takes 15 procedures. Sand treatment technique for the children is the same , but the procedures are from 5 to 15 minutes. The bathrooms are particularly useful for children suffered from rickets and polio .

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