This Is The Best Natural Laxative: To Empty Your Bowels And Excess Fluids!

Constipation is a digestive problem which occurs when the body lacks fiber or water. It is often caused by lack of exercise or occurs as a side-effect of various drugs. Everyone suffers from it from time to time, but luckily there are many foods that can relieve it pretty easily. Minor lifestyle changes such as adding the following drink in your diet will help you relieve constipation in no time. laxante-natural-de-ciruela-mvlsbr0ciop7vuf4hqatecens8qxbydgv1417tnr1g Here’s how to prepare it: Ingredients 150 gr. of pitted dates 150 gr. of prunes 5 cups of boiled water Preparation Chop the dates and prunes into small pieces and add them to a boiling pot of water, then cook until the mixture becomes thick. The recipe will provide about 20 tablespoons which can be consumed by people of all ages. Take a teaspoon of the mixture for breakfast – you can add it to oatmeal, cereal or combine it with other meals. Prunes are rich in fiber and sorbitol which soften your stool and improve your digestion. Another option to relieve constipation is to put a couple of prunes in a glass of water and leave them to soak overnight, then eat them in the morning. Tips to prevent constipation If the constipation doesn’t stop after a while, you should seek medical help. However, adding more fiber in your diet and exercising more should help you deal with the problem. Yoga can help as well. Foods and drinks rich in fiber will not only relieve constipation, they will work to prevent it as well. Another option to try is to try and relax while sitting in the bathroom and the intestines should start working. Drinking lemon water can help as well – it will stimulate bowel movement and soften your stool. Try all the aforementioned methods and one will surely help. However, if the condition doesn’t seem to improve, visit your doctor right away. Source:

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