These 4 magic ingredients smoothed sagging belly and my self-esteem back.ONLY 1WEEK


Women often face the problem of excess centimeters tummy and waist, which becomes especially sensitive  before an important event or vacation. At a time when the festive dress start bursting at the seams and swimsuits  tightens us, we feel huge need to do something urgently to reduce our exes kilograms  and do a quick  purification of the body. We found a wonderful recipe from 4 essential product for burning fat , whereby one week will get rid of extra inches in the abdomen. The secret is due to the wonderful properties of these 4 products - their ability to release toxins from the body.

Of course, a healthy diet and exercise are still your best friend and the same drink for seven days only accelerates results . Upon proper application of treatment may lose up to 1 cm per day

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ingredients :     

150 ml grapefruit juice     

1 tsp honey

2 tsp natural apple cider vinegar

50 ml of water , without soda


First dissolve the honey in the juice , then add water and apple cider vinegar. This drink should be taken twice a day - morning and evening, 15 minutes before meals. Grapefruit juice has long been used to solve the problem of obesity . This is due mainly to the flavonoids it contains. These substances help the body get rid of excess fluid , break down fat and fight cellulite.

The cocktail for burning fat should be used with caution in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract , as well as other chronic diseases in their acute phase. Be sure to try - tasty and useful ! And if you like the result , share with friends !

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