The Tennis Ball Trick That Can Relieve Back, Neck or Knee Pain in Seconds

download-600x313 There is a certain condition that is manifested by a chronic pain, due to a repetitive contraction of the muscles. It results with the pressing of sensitive points and is called Myofascial syndrome. It can be effectively relieved by using a tennis ball, since it makes the muscles relax and stretch due to its rubbery elasticity. This way, the pain will be soothed. However, it’s different to use it for pain in different parts of the body, so here are some ways it can help you:

1. Strained neck

If you spend a lot of time working in the office or something similar, the neck muscles can get really tightened. So, in order to relax them, you need to relax the suboccipital and erector muscles. So, just take 2 tennis balls and try this: Lie on the floor on your back, place the two tennis balls under your skull. Relax and let the balls comfortably position themselves on the back of your neck. Stay like that for 1 minute, then turn your head from one side to the other. After this, when your head is turned on one side nod, then turn on the other side and repeat the process.

2. Sore back

Sore back is very common among adults. It’s mostly caused by bad sitting posture, uncomfortable sleeping position or bad shoes. Take the two tennis balls and place them between your tailbone and ribs. Then, relax and move your pelvis so that the balls are moved over your back. When the balls reach the stiff areas of your back, slow down the movements. Do this for 5 minutes and remember you have to breathe deeply.

3. Still shoulders

Stiff shoulders are mostly caused by lifting heavy things or improper posture. So, lie on the floor on your back, take the two tennis balls and place them under your shoulders. Then, move up and down, rolling them over them.

4. Painful hips

Again, most of these conditions are caused by bad shoes, too much sitting, improper posture etc. Also, you might be putting too much pressure on your hips, so you feel pain around the pelvis area. To relieve the pain, lie down on the floor and put one tennis ball under your hip. Then, do circular motions with your hip, around 12 of them. When you’re done, change your hip.

5. Compressed chest

Tight chest is mostly caused by too much sitting. If you don’t treat it on time, you might develop some serious conditions, like heavy breathing, nervous system problems etc. The tennis ball exercise for this part should be done standing in front of a wall or door. Take the ball and put it on your chest, under the collarbone. Leave it like that for a minute and don’t forget to breathe deeply. Then, put the ball a little higher, moving it to the upper chest. Move it so you can shift the clavicle up and down and left-right. You can also move your neck and arm for 1 minute, and shift sides after.

6. Cramped knees

If you feel pain around your kneecap, this exercise will help you a lot. While sitting down, put a tennis ball on the back of your knee. Then, bend your knees, and change legs. Also, remember to rest longer for this exercise, for around 10 minutes.

7. Bad posture

This can lead to more serious conditions, like breathing problems, muscle damage and more. So, lie down and put 2 tennis balls on your back sides, then put both your hands behind your back. Then, for 4 minutes roll the balls over your back, while your elevate your hips.

8. Aching hands

This is most common with people who write too much. Their flexor muscles tighten up and the appropriate exercise for this body part is the following: Put your hand on the tennis ball while it’s on a table, while applying pressure with the other hand over your first one. Move the tennis ball in all directions of the palm, then do it with the other hand. Do this for 3 minutes for each hand.

9. Sore feet

This is a result of too much standing or bad shoes. So, you start to feel foot pain, and you might also feel some pain in your back. So, take a tennis ball and place it under your feet, standing on it. Roll it up and down for 1 minute, then switch legs.

10. Tender thighs

If you suffer from thigh pain, take a chair and place two balls on the outer side of your thighs, while sitting on it. Then, slowly straighten your leg in the knee, and bring it back to bended position. Do this for 40 times. Repeat with the other leg as well. Source: Healthy Food House

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