The mysterious reincarnation of Om Sets : A woman who lived in ancient Egypt


Do you believe in reincarnation ? Millions of people around the world firmly believe that reincarnation is something that really exists . It is interesting that there are a lot of cases around the world where individuals exactly remember when they were in the " past life " .

However , one of the most fascinating stories of reincarnation is that of Dorothy Go , a woman who said she was Pharaoh's mistress and a priestess in a past life thousands of years ago .

Dorothy was born in 1904 in the suburbs of London . When she was about 3 years old , she fell and seriously injured her head . The doctors declared her dead , but she miraculously woke up and then her life changed forever . She did not behave like a normal three year old child and her parents notice that . Dorothy  asked her parents several times to take her home in Egypt , several thousand kilometers from the outskirts of London.

She was convinced that in a past she lived in Egypt , the land of the pharaohs . Not only remembered who she was but she was also talking about some incredible detail from the time when she was an  Egyptian priestess . According to her statement , she was a woman named Bentreshit . She lived and served at the court of Pharaoh Seti .

Young Dorothy crazed her parents , and her radical change of behavior , no one could explain . Once Dorothy looked at old pictures of the temple of Seti I she stated that this was her home . She said that she is wondering why there are no threes and the garden around the temple , but he was sure it was the right place .


Dorothy's parents took her once to the British Museum in London . As soon as she entered the museum , Dorothy was attracted by the mummies from ancient Egypt and statues of ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses that she began to worship them uncontrollably.

When she was 15 , Dorothy began to study the history of Egypt and then had the first lucid dream of Pharaoh Seti I. This magical encounter sparked an avalanche of memories of her past life , and she began to draw up the puzzle of her reincarnation.

Memories , dreams and knowledge of ancient Egypt have led Dorothy to the  renounced the Christian religion and embraced the old polytheistic religion of ancient Egypt .

Dorothy had no problems learning Egyptian symbols and hieroglyphics . She said that she didn't learned a new language , but that she is simply remembering the language that she used to know .

Dorothy moved to Egypt in 1932  , where she lived with her husband , Eman Abdel Meguid , the Egyptian student whom she met in England . When he arrived in Egypt , Dorothy kissed the ground knowing that she is finally at home and will stay there.

Dorothy was pregnant and gave birth to a son whom she called Seti . That is why Dorothy was also called  Om Seti , which means mother of Seti .

Dorothy continued to make the puzzle of her previous life , she had some help from a  spirit named Hor - Ra .

She found out that she was born in the temple of Seti , where she became a priestess .Later she met the living God , Pharaoh Seti I and fell in love with him , but the relationship did not have a happy ending .

She was pregnant , but she was told that she could not give birth to a child because it would be a great insult to the goddess Isis , and forced her to commit suicide .

Dorothy has for years helped archaeologists to research , proving that her story is true.

 Dorothy moved to Abydos in 1956 , and there became known as Om Sethi.

On one occasion , when Dorothy visited the temple of Seti , principal investigator of the Department of Antiquities decided to test their knowledge of the past to find out if her story is true .

He had set up close to the picture on the wall in complete darkness and asked to say what is in the pictures on the basis of her memories . The answers were fascinating .

Nobody in the world has not seen this image before, and Dorothy were identified without problems and mentioned images that are not found .

She has translated numerous works of art that many archaeologists could not , and her knowledge has greatly helped the archaeologists who worked at Abydos.

Archaeologists have carefully listened whenever she spoke , even on the basis of her words concluded that the lost tomb of Queen Nefertiti is located in the Valley of the Kings , near the tomb of Tutankhamen .

Dorothy went each day to the temple to pray . During the birthday of Isis and Osiris ,she organized celebration and a ceremony  as it was thousands of years ago .

Dorothy or Om Seti , once said that she lived in the temple of Seti surrounded by a beautiful garden .

Archaeologists one day had dig up a magnificent garden like never seen in Abydos ,and the garden was located right where Dorothy said that she is.

Her knowledge and her extraordinary abilities are proof that reincarnation really exists .

Dorothy died on April 21, 1981, but made sure that the local people remember .

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