The Miracle Effects of Rosemary- Protects From Alzheimer`s And Improves Memory By 75%

  The-Miracle-Effects-of-Rosemary-Protects-From-Alzheimers-And-Improves-Memory-By-75   Rosemary essential oil is included in numerous health preparations and it has a number of health benefits. It is very effective in treating respiratory problems, allergies and colds, and it also has the ability to reduce cholesterol levels. American scientists claim that sniffing rosemary can improve the ability to remember past events and the ability to memorize future tasks. Moreover, it is able to boost brain activity and improve memory by 75%. They conveyed series of studies and found that people who sniffed rosemary oil experienced greater memory abilities by 60-75% in comparison to who did not. A team of physiologists from University of Northumbria has made small experiment, they divided the participants in two groups and they were asked to wait in two separate rooms. The participants underwent series of memory tests after one of the rooms was scented with rosemary oil. The results showed that those who waited in the scented room had considerably greater memory ability in comparison to those who waited in the other room.

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