The easiest way to learn how to perfectly park ( VIDEO )


Rapid and accurate parking required habit. At the same time the algorithm is simple and can park impeccable , it is necessary to stick to a few rules. Move a little more than the place you want to borrow , and established so that the rear axle of your car to catch up with the rear bumper of the car behind you want to park . Turn the steering wheel all the way to the curb.

 Give back , while the center of your inner rear tire not coincide with the line of the dimensions of the car parked in front of you. Now straighten the wheel and keep moving backwards. When the outside rear tire is aligned with the same line gauge , turn the wheel all the way in the other direction and continue the movement . If you have done everything in this plan , you can leave the car and enjoy the result.

And here is the entire process of parking illustrated step by step.


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