The 3 Types of Telepathy, Including Soul-to-Soul Telepathy

feature_image_tem564plate-1 Telepathy has been recognized since the 19th century, when scientists first validated two different types.  These included instinctual telepathy, which is mostly feeling based, and mind-to-mind telepathy, which is largely mental-based. However, there is a third type of telepathy, a higher type of telepathy, according to Ageless Wisdom teachings, and it’s called soul-to-soul spiritual telepathy. Instinctual telepathy If we had to place the different types of telepathy on a hierarchy, instinctual telepathy would lie at the bottom.  This type of telepathy is widely prominent in the animal kingdom and is still considered a normal way to communicate among some indigenous cultures.   Instinctual telepathy is mostly experienced when an individual recognizes the feelings or needs of another person even though they are some distance apart.  This mostly happens between people who share a strong emotional bond, like parents and children, married partners, and best friends. Mental telepathy Mental telepathy is what most people think of when they hear the word ‘telepathy’.  Being able to speak to another person by simply thinking of the words you want to say and then wanting to send that message to them.   This is not like trance channeling, the process of using a disembodied entity as a medium through which to communicate.  Mental telepathy happens between two fully conscious people.   Spiritual telepathy Spiritual telepathy, or soul-to-soul telepathy, is the highest form of telepathy.  And it is only possible when an individual has managed to connect the mind, brain, and soul.  When a person does this, they gain the ability to navigate between physical and spiritual realms.  In order to build these connections, one must be adept at creative meditation.   Spiritual telepathy is widely believed to be used by ‘The Masters’ to guide the evolution of our planet.  Because they cannot directly influence or control the different forms of life on Earth, they use individuals who have mastered spiritual telepathy to anchor their information and wisdom on Earth.  

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