Surprisingly, but it works! Keep your hand in this position to lose weight or to get rid of hormonal disorders

There are exercises for hand or both hands that bring health of the whole body - try and convince yourself.



Surprisingly, but it works! Keep your hand in this position to lose weight or to get rid of hormonal disorders.

Just a flick of the hand can help the whole body. I do not think you believe that by folding the fingers definitely can lose weight or get rid of the headache ... Whether you trust this very ancient and effective method, it works. It works and is just as effective as it can be effective treatments from Eastern medicine.



Today you will meet with mudras. These are certain positions of the fingers, which affect different organs and systems. Mudra is a special oriental practice that contributes to the proper distribution of positive energy in the best channels inside the human body. In other words, it is a specific exercise that allows you to manage energy acting on it through the energy channels of the fingers.

Today you will learn how to perform some basic mudras that will provide a burst of energy and give vitality to your body.

Each exercise should be performed daily for 1 minute.


1. Surya Mudra

It helps those who are trying to get rid of excess weight. This position of the fingers improves the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract and helps to speed up metabolism. By practicing this mudra, after a few days you will feel ready to get rid of excess weight.


2. Prithvi mudra

This position of the fingers is very important during the cold season. Mudra helps protect the body against infection and strengthen the immune system.



3. Vayu mudra

Such a state of the fingers is useful for those who are under constant stress. Mudra improves circulation and calms the nervous system.



4. Shunyata mudra

Meditation with crossed fingers helps to get rid of the pain and fatigue. It is best to perform this mudra after a hard day.



5. Varuna mudra

Perform this mudra to improve fluid balance in the body. Varuna Mudra also helps to deal with hormonal disturbances.


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