Spring detox for your liver.Recipe


In late spring , when we are still waiting for the first seasonal fruit, our body needs a serious detox and cleansing of a long period without intake of fresh , seasonal fruit. A very easy and successful way for this purpose is the acceptance period in at least 1 week of a very tasty and easy to prepare salad.

Detox salad

 Necessary products:
2 small heads beetroot     

4-5 carrots

1 apple     

½ head celery     

50 g . Walnuts    

Olive oil - to taste     

Lemon juice - to taste     

Himalayan salt - to taste


Method of preparation:

1. Grated carrots , beetroot and apple.

2. Adding walnuts and stir .

3. Grate the celery and add to the finished mixture.

4. Add salt and stir .

5. Add lemon juice and olive oil .

6. Stir and leave for 20 min . In the refrigerator

7. The salad is ready for consumption

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