She Tapes A Watch Battery To Her Back For This Simple Test. What It Reveals Is Shocking!VIDEO

feature_imagehigkgk_template Many fans of jewelry and metal bands will know exactly what I’m talking about when I mention the red, irritated and itchy skin that sometimes accompanies wearing a specific piece of jewelry. While people get rashes and irritated skin for a plethora of different reasons, it’s often one piece of jewelry or metal in particular that is to blame.  And that specific piece most likely has a bit of nickel in it.
The video above explains that nickel allergies are actually very prominent in the world, with Dr. Gomez saying about one in every five Americans suffer from an allergy to nickel.   If you find that you are allergic to nickel, it can be quite disconcerting, as nickel can be found in objects that we use every day, like cell phones, tablets and other electronic devices. Major manufacturers are very aware of this issue, however, and are taking new efforts to make sure their products are nickel free.   Unfortunately, nickel is a very commonly-occurring metal that is found all over the world, meaning you won’t be able to completely avoid it. For example, stainless steel, a popular metal used in cookware, tools, and machine parts, uses most of the world’s nickel in its production.  Additionally, nickel can be found in many foods, including oatmeal, chocolate, and different nuts.

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