Scientist discovered sixth taste , which explains our weakness for carbohydrates


Scientists from the University of Oregon have shown that people can perceive the sixth characteristic flavor of foods rich in carbohydrates , said Science Ahlert . The discovery not only adds a new flavor to the previously known five - salty, sweet, sour , bitter and umami , but it may explain why so loving containing starch foods.

Scientists identify new tastes like starch - characteristic of complex carbohydrates , such as in bread , rice and pasta . Until now it was thought that people can not distinguish the taste of carbohydrates because they degrade very quickly and remains only the taste of sugar molecules that build them . The team hopes to find and receptors on the tongue that capture sixth taste.

Scientists have made a discovery they gave volunteers compounds that block the receptors for sweet, and compound stops the enzyme that breaks the chain of carbohydrates. In 2015, American scientists have found evidence that fat also has a taste , although weak, reinforces the other in the same way as bitterness .

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