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More and more research shows that what we eat is related to how long we live. What works best for weight loss also helps in slowing the aging process. Supporters of the Slow Food prove that slower eating food means better quality, more thorough preparation and a bouquet of sensations that are lost in haste, but above all conducive to a healthy diet. An example of this can be slow ripening, which gives the wine and cognac better taste properties it is identical in many types of beer, cheese, some meats.

Highly processed food products do not deliver the necessary life processed vitamins, minerals and other valuable ingredients , and are a source of dangerous saturated fats and sugar. Consumed in speed fast foods, in the absence of movement guaranteed obesity and other diseases. Antidote to the obesity epidemic are ... . vegetables.

Rules for healthy lifestyle Slow Food should not be available only to the elite. Anyone who decides to assess the importance of the preparation of complete home made food in a pleasant atmosphere can join .

 Sufficient are natural products without artificial additives , unprocessed , seasonal , that can buy for an example  the market at a health food store , directly from the farmer or if we have such conditions, raise in their own yard. And of course to start the revolution of Slow Food takes some time you  to spend on food preparation and to eat in peace. Probably many of you will find it difficult to find some time for daily cooking. But initially you can try every day that it's free for you .


It is worthwhile to try the " Slow Food " and consciously monitor all the benefits that come from it, and they are really a lot. Cooking can be a magical ritual rather than daily duty .

Slow Food - an ecological life

The idea of a "slowdown" is advocated also by many small and large agencies and organizations throughout the world, and their philosophy touches every area of human functioning. Slow motion includes segregation of waste, rational energy consumption, purchasing products with the logo "Eco friendly", alternative methods of education (slow school), fair trade and many others. All this allows us to live more consciously. Supporters of the movement assure us that is the way to live. This is not about to give up everything to live in the desert and to grow plants. It is enough for you to find your  own pace and try to live fully.

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