Rules of Attraction : How to attract the right people ?


The mighty law of attraction is: get what you give . All our relationships reflect the ratio of the number 1 - the one that we have with them ... When you want to meet new or " real" people , however, refer to an event and there you find yourself surrounded by hundreds of unfamiliar faces - what to do ? When you feel that you are not satisfied with the quality of socializing with the people you spend the most time - what to do ? When you feel that you are ready to find your soul mate - what to do ? Discovering and meeting the right people is not easy , but it is not complicated - if you believe in more work on it than coincidence , this is the right article for you !


1. Be what you really are , not what others tell you to be .

Often our desire aligned with the expectations of society , and not with what we really want . Is a handsomt partner your main priority ? What about sense of humor ? Would you want wealthy clients , the ones we have to work for 24/7 ? Or would  more relaxed atmosphere , with a little less money they earn , though work better ?

2. Imagine your ideals and be specific .

You can get what you want if , in the first place , you do not know what ( is that ) you want . Start by thinking about the kind of person you want to attract into your life . Remember, you are the only one who sets the rules here so that the sky is the limit . Be precise about everything ( from secret passion to inner fears ) . When you find out what you're looking for then there is a greater likelihood that it can be found .


3.Learn how to  rejection those people that you don't them .

The most common barrier in attracting people in your life is what you 're trying to please everyone . If you want everyone to be happy and satisfied then don't offer anyone a special treatment ... When you are what you are , some people will inevitably be rejected . And that's a good thing . Once you start , " cut in the bud " relationships with people that do not fit , you will make a place for the right people who have yet to enter into your life .


4.Let others to find you  .

Think of it as follows : You are a lighthouse that "attracts" ships . If your light does not shine hard enough , no one will be able to find you . Than show your self . Put yourself in situations where others can find you . Introduce yourself to everyone . Get as much as you can , and its what it is . Give the right people the chance to find you .

5. Be open to everything that is in front of you

After all , job or love may not come in the form you expect . But that's not necessarily a bad thing . If you imagine an authentic way , if you show yourself as you really pay attention to the people who enter your life . Sometimes the one that we attract can teach us many things about ourselves and what we did not know or noticed . And it may be better than we expected . In this particular moment , there is at least one person who is looking for someone like you . Regardless of whether this client , emotional partner or friend - someone you are trying to find . Give him a chance . Be authentic . Show people exactly who you are so that they can get to know you !

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