Quick and easy home method for teeth whitening amassed the dentists


Tartar is a common problem and modern dentistry offers many ways to deal with it. But there is a home method that saves resources and nerves (no one likes to enter into a dental office). Strict oral hygiene is extremely important. If you do not look out for the purity of the enamel of the teeth and promptly remove tartar, it can develop periodontitis. In periodontitis the infection penetrates through the root canal in a tooth and it is inflaming the shell and its surrounding tissues. Fortunately there is a natural tool for the prevention of this terrible disease.

How can remove tartar?

Necessary ingredients:

40gr Walnut shells

1 cup water


Cook the shells for 20 minutes. Strain the mixture and after that cool it down. Soak your toothbrush for 10 minutes in walnut potion. Then thoroughly clean the teeth. This procedure can be repeated 3 times daily until tartar disappears completely. The result will begin to notice more after 2 weeks! Walnut shells are the most powerful antibacterial agent. They not only help clean tartar, but also work well for bleeding gums - inflammation disappears quickly.

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