Putting an end to our troubles ? Fillings for teeth are no longer needed !


A revolutionary discovery made by Japanese scientist Kazue Yamagishi .

Using his invention ( toothpaste ) you can quickly and painlessly close the holes and cracks in the teeth , remove tartar , but also , restore the tooth enamel without intervention of a dentist , according to British newspaper The Daily Telegraph .

According to its composition, this paste is similar to tooth enamel , and can be applied directly to the crack in the tooth . The material is obtained as a result of experiments with hydroxyapatite - the main component of teeth .

The substance contained in the toothpaste , at first is mildly soluble the surface of the cracked enamel . After 3 minutes , the crystallized and artificial materials are firmly embedded in the structure of natural enamel .

In addition , it is also an excellent antibacterial agent . Conducted tests from the Japanese dentists have shown that tooth treated with this toothpaste , is not any different from the healthy one . The difference is not visible , even not under a microscope .


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