Press These Spots On Your Nose And You Will Get Rich! Cycle Of 7 Weeks.

As much as it may seem stupid, this actually makes sense. By pressing these spots you influence your own energy and by that the energy of other people. The success won’t be behind you. The Australian acupuncturist Carlton Smith has an interesting theory on how to attract money and success. It is about acupressure on spots on the nose. Even though it seems silly, Smith has an interesting explanation. Namely, we all have an energetic cover around ourselves that is called aura. Through the aura we build contacts with other people, also people that can help us make progress and make money. Smith claims that some spots on our nose are connected with the layers of this aura that are responsible for gaining. If you don’t have money and things don’t work out as planned, or you simply fail at everything, the part of the aura that is responsible for gaining must be blocked. If you want to unblock these parts of the aura, try this technique. The result will come along. Smith has even made a survey to 347 volunteers that were exercising this technique for 18 weeks and 91% of them succeeded to change their financial situation. Try it yourself, it won’t cost you a thing. Technique Take several minutes for yourself every morning and every evening. Insist being alone in the room and be relaxed. Press the spots shown on the picture and keep constant pressure for at least 10 seconds. Try with spot one and keep up with it for one week. The second week press spot number two and so on until you finish a cycle of 7 weeks, or 7 spots. While pressing one spot, concentrate and imagine (visualize) a situation that is suitable for the spot you are pressing. It is described below. nos-600x380   Spot number 1 – job promotion Imagine yourself on a new workplace, new function, with bigger responsibilities and of course, better salary. Spot number 2 – inheritance and gifts Imagine yourself excited from a valuable gift or some inheritance that changes your life forever. Spot number 3 – taxes and debts Imagine yourself being a hard and responsible worker that deserves to be freed form all taxes and debts and you spend less and less money. Spot number 4 – prize winning games Play games that week (with no big risk and input) and imagine yourself as the lucky winner. Spot number 5 – donations and financial aids Imagine yourself a hard worker that has a big talent and deserves to be financially helped. Spot number 6 – stock, investments, fund Imagine yourself successfully investing money in some business, fund or stock and you gain three times more than you invested. Spot number 7 – bigger salary Think about gaining more money for the same job that you do. Earned, of course. Repeat this cycle from the beginning until all the paths open and you achieve the success you wanted.

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