No Sugar or Additives – This Is The Healthiest And Sweetest Candy In The World! (RECIPE)

No-Sugar-or-Additives-–-This-Is-The-Healthiest-And-Sweetest-Candy-In-The-World-RECIPE When we mention candy, we usually picture our sweet guilty pleasure which we eat in limited amounts. But, what if you could eat one such candy without limiting your calorie intake? This amazing pudding can be easily prepared at home, although it’s a time consuming process. But, believe us when we say it’s worth it! Once you try it, you’ll never want another candy again! First, you need to prepare almond milk. If you’re wondering why you should make it at home when you can just buy it, you should know that store-bought almond milk contains everything but almonds! Here’s what you need for this step: Ingredients A cup of almonds 4 cups of water 2-3 dates (or some other natural sweetener such as honey or stevia) Vanilla extract or vanilla sticks Preparation Soak the almonds in water for at least 12 hours – it’s best to just leave them overnight. In the morning, take them out of the water and blend them, then add 3 cups of water, the pitted dates and everything else then mix for 5 minutes until you get a smooth texture. Now, strain the mixture through a gauze, then put it back into the blender and add another cup of water. Mix for 2-3 minutes and strain it in the end again. Now you’re ready for the next step. Ingredients ¼ of a cup of chia seeds A cup of milk Half a tablespoon of organic honey (if you’ve sweetened the milk with honey or stevia in the previous step, don’t add the tablespoon of honey again) Mix the chia seeds, milk and honey in a bowl, then close it and leave it in the fridge overnight. The next morning, take the mixture out of the fridge and see if the chia seeds are swollen. Add some fruit or chocolate of your choice and enjoy your healthy, delicious pudding!

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