MIRACLE FOR 10 MINUTES : Put a pinch of paprika in water and drink . Just look at the results


Ground pepper is rich in vitamin C , B6 , E , potassium, manganese and flavonoids . Incredibly,but works - bleeding from the nose , deep cuts can be stopped by means of ground pepper .

Put a little ground ( homemade ) peppers on a scratch or a deeper cut , it will stop the bleeding . Additional interesting - it will not hurt !

Moreover, the peppers will enable the safe healing , after all, will not be left a scar . It is the " recipe " of old natural medicine that is safe from ancient times to today .

Do you have any internal wounds , drink a little bit  ground pepper in a glass of water - will help in a very short time .

Experience shows that paprika better soak in a glass of hot water and drink it as soon as possible . Regardless of whether the terms of internal or external bleeding , oral use of ground pepper in hot water helps to express .

In addition to stopping the bleeding , spices works according to the principle of exhaustion of a neurotransmitter called substance P , which disintegrates the nerves that send signals of pain and thus , in simple terms , relieves pain .

It helps with muscle inflammation , back pain , stiff neck and other pain .

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