METHOD OF RUDOLF BROJS- Man who cured MORE THAN 45,000 PEOPLE OF CANCER : You require 42 days to cure cancer … ( RECIPE )


Rudolf Brojs, with the help of his method, cured over 45,000 people with cancer and others that are considered incurable diseases. Brojs diet in the fight against cancer was designed by renowned naturopath, Dr. Rudolf Brojs, from Australia. His book "Cancer, leukemia and other seemingly incurable disease", is entirely devoted to methods of combating cancer whole, the method of therapeutic fasting. Brojs diet, in the words of the doctor, cured over 45,000 people suffering from cancer and other equally serious diseases. His study led him to the fact that he believes that the growth, development and progress of cancer cells in the body most responsible proteins. Most solid foods you daily put into our body contains protein. Therefore, its diet is based on organically grown vegetables and complete ejection of solid foods containing protein in 6 weeks - 42 days. Already after 21 days from the application of the therapy, the body will begin to recover, but after 42 days, will fully recover, provided they strictly adhere to diet and prescription.

Brojs , for his method of treatment ,uses the benefits of root vegetables and the recommended consumption of this juice in the amount of 3 - 5DL beetroot , which has the highest percentage ( 50 % ) , followed by celery ( 20 % ) , carrots ( 20 % ) , radish ( 2 % ) and raw potatoes ( 3 % , but only in the case of liver cancer ) . Beetroot has been known for its excellent healing function for fight against leukemia . These vegetables used amino acid betaine , which has anti carcinogenic properties .

recipe :

300g beetroot ,

100g celery root ,

100g carrots ,

30g radish .

You can add some potatoes if it comes to liver cancer . The diet is not recommended for children and teenagers , pregnant women , people who are already quite thin ( because peoples are  losing even 15 kg for 42 days ) , and also patients with cancer who are already in the terminal phase .

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