Why you should be massaging your feet before bed

feet-massage Massage therapy is great.  Seriously, if you’ve never experienced the great joy that is a massage then you need to do yourself a favor and schedule an appointment as soon as possible. A good friend of mine recently finished her massage therapy school, which incorporated energy reading and healing practices in combination with the traditional massage technique.  She gave me the full treatment when she came to visit, incorporating smooth, heated stones into her practice, making it one to remember. janethull.com_ Massage is one of the best relaxation techniques around, it has been proven to have a positive effect on your overall health, and you can even do it yourself.  Applying pressure on specific points of the feet affect the treatment of various diseases.  Check out the chart above to see which areas of the foot are associated with which area of the body. Massage has also been shown to provide a number of other benefits.  These include improved blood flow, reduced levels of body fat, and elimination of acids that cause cramps.  It’s recommended that you massage your feet every night before you go to bed, with your treatment never lasting more than 15 minutes. Press your thumbs on specific points for a few seconds before moving onto the next one, stimulating each part of your body.

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