HOW LONG DO YOU SLEEP ? Less than 8 hours of sleep and see which 25 terrible consequence awaits you !


We all know that it is important to have enough sleep , but many may not realize what can go wrong when you do not have .

Here are 25 of the serious consequences that can cause lack of sleep:


A team of Israeli scientists noted that complaints about irritability common sleep-deprived people .


Although scientists  still do not know exactly why lack of sleep causes headaches , it is a connection that doctors noticed more than a century . However , too little sleep can cause migraine as well  .

Problems with learning

Short-term memory is a key component of learning , a lack of sleep in subjects in research considerably reduced the ability to remember the words that were shown the day before .

Weight gain

Sleepy people have imbalanced hormones that are associated with increased appetite. This is why the crave for high-calorie food.

Heart disease

After the scientists kept the subjects during the research, awake for 88 hours, they found that their blood pressure rise. However, those subjects who slept four hours during the night, had a higher heart rate compared to those who slept eight hours.

Slow reactions

Reaction time is seriously prolonged when people haven't sleep enough.


Prolonged lack of sleep, and even a sleepless night can disrupt the body's natural defenses against microorganisms.

Diminished mental capacity to make decisions .

If you are in front of some big changes, make sure to have a good night's sleep before you make the decisions.

 Decrees vision

Lack of sleep is associated with tunnel vision , double vision , and shadows. The longer the person is awake , it will  meet with more visual errors .

Excessive production of urine

When people sleep , the body slows down the normal production of urine . This is why most people do not need to urinate during the night as the day . 

Improved resistance to vaccines

Vaccines act to stimulate the body to produce antibodies against a specific virus . But if a person is not sleep enough  , the immune system is damaged and does not work so well .

Problems in speech

Due to lack of sleep you can easily sound like an idiot , just like when you drink too much alcohol .


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