Leg cramps – what causes them and how you can prevent it?


Leg cramps is a familiar feeling to many people that occur in the legs , while they sleep . These are cramps in the legs that that occur during the night . This pain lasts from a few seconds to several minutes . Muscles are usually ill for the rest of the night even after the pain is gone . This situation is typical for men and women , especially for people over 50 years.

Some risks that can cause leg cramps .

Standing too long.

Creating lot of tension for the leg mussels

 If you sit too long or sit improperly.

In addition use of medical drugs or some medical condition can also be a reason for leg cramps :

- The use of beta - agonists , diuretics

- Respiratory problems

- Neuro muscular problems

- Pregnancy

- Alcoholism

- Parkinson's disease

- Dehydration

These tips will be of great help against leg cramps:

Foods rich in potassium.

One of the most common causes of muscle spasms is the lack of potassium in the body. In order to balance the level of important minerals, eat foods rich in these important nutrients, such as bananas and potatoes. You can provide potassium, and if you regularly drink warm water to which you've added a spoon of apple vinegar and a spoonful of local honey.

Move a lot

Spasms in the muscles may occur due to lack of movement, and several hours of sitting or lying in the same position. The most logical answer to this type of spasms is physical activity. Remember that you do some physical activity, walk, and when you are stuck at the] desks - get up every twenty minutes, stretch and continue with the job.

Warm compresses

When you have leg cramps press the center of the painful spot for a period of about 15 seconds, relax the muscle  and repeat until the pain is gone. You can always try and warm compresses or a hot bath that will relax all muscles.


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