Learn your body to live without antibiotics – soon there will be gone

pills isolated on white background From several years , the World Health Organization alerted to many alarming trend in health and medicine . According to WHO , the world is on the verge of " post antibiotic era."

In fact, it turns out that the problem is not in itself antibiotics , but in their misuse. Some bacteria have changed genetically and have learned to cope with antibiotics. The reason for this is stated precisely the misuse of antibiotics - taking them in the wrong doses , incomplete treatment and low dosage or too frequent and unnecessary use, which kills bacteria and makes them resistant to antibiotics. Too frequent or too long reception of antibiotics makes them our enemy in the long run

WHO officially alerted that there are countries where antibiotic resistant strains of microorganisms rose by 50%. If the trend continues, within the next decade will require entirely putting the antibiotic medicine, but so far there is no clarity what can replace them , which will inevitably lead to the first centuries decline in life expectancy in the world and return forgotten for centuries massive and deadly diseases like tuberculosis , malaria and others.

The best you can do each of us is to start in such a way to re-educate your body and its immunity - so you do not have to take antibiotics for colds and even serious colds and infections - except if not strictly necessary. That will hardly help to solve the global problem of ever- useless antibiotics, but will definitely increase the chances of our body , literally  to " survive " in the new post antibiotic era.

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