How to Prepare Alkaline Water That Kills Cancer Cells

According to researchers in Japan, alkaline water is very powerful and can protect the body from abnormal cancer cells and even destroy them!
Elderly Japanese people have the highest life expectancy rate and that is why we should heed the wisdom of these people and take it well into consideration. Alkaline water is available everywhere but today the pH value has become debatable as to call it alkaline or acidic.
The pH values under 7 are called acidic and those above 7 alkaline. The human body is complex and has different pH levels and if they go under the point of 7 than the organs can’t function properly and effectively. Rain water is at a neutral stance so the pH is accurately 7. Apart from this difference today, the modern life affects us in way we are not even aware. We live fast and eat many artificial and processed foods that are unhealthy and harm our health extensively. The trick is to eat healthy and unprocessed foods. Today we drink coffee on a daily basis and probably don’t know that exactly coffee creates and acidic environment in our bodies. Other than coffee the sugary and salty treats also increase the acidic levels. With a high acidity level our body will experience fatigue, tiredness, abdominal ache, weakness and a very poor immunity. Apart from those symptoms acidity can severely damage the cells in our body and alkaline water is the number one favorite that can regulate the pH levels and keep us healthy. Water can keep our system in check, hydrate it and keep it functioning effectively. What if I told you that you can make you own alkaline water at home?


  • 1 teaspoon Himalayan salt
  • 2 liters of filtered water
  • ¼ lemon, sliced


Put the water in a suitable glass container, add the salt and squeeze the lemon. Let this mixture sit overnight on room temperature. Drink 3 glasses of this water in the morning or divide them during the day. This water should become a part of your everyday life and it is so easy to make! It will keep the acidity levels in your body in c heck and keep you healthy!

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