How To Make Homemade Organic Butter In Under 5 Minutes

Homemade-organic-butter-390x250 Grocery products are made from cow’s milk that has been harshly heated and pressure processed, depleting many of the wonderful enzymes and fracturing fragile nutrients. What’s more, these unstable products are often filled with rancid fats and oxidized cholesterol. It is possible to find organic, grass-fed butters in the store, but keep in mind that due to FDA regulations, these are generally not raw. The very best thing you can do is to make your own butter from local raw cream. Making butter is easy and gratifying process that provides a valuable reconnection to food in it’s most fundamental form, and nowadays you don’t even need a big wooden churn or hours of your time to do it.
How To Prepare Homemade Organic Butter
This homemade organic butter is very healthy. It contains many of the vitamins and minerals found in raw milk. Butter is packed with Vitamin A, and Vitamin A is vital for the health of your eyes, skins, tissues, membranes and teeth. Ingredients:
  • 2 cups heavy cream, organic
  • sea salt, to taste
  1. Pour 2 cups of heavy cream into food processor and process for 10 minutes. Keep processing until it turns grainy, separating into butter and buttermilk.
  2. Drain buttermilk from butter. Scrape the butter from the sides, and put it in a clean bowl.
  3. Put your butter into a colander and strain off the buttermilk. Using cold water rinse the butter, gently stirring it while the water runs over it. Repeat this until the water is clear.
  4. Once your butter is clean, squeeze out the excess liquid using wooden paddles or spoons. Smash the butter and pour off the liquid.
  5. Place the butter in a bowl, and keep it in the fridge, or the freezer. Use your homemade organic butter within several months.

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