Homemade toothpaste with tea tree oil

Melaleuca oil With a popular tea tree oil you can prepare homemade toothpaste,also is appropriate for certain skin diseases.Many years ago before the achievements of modern medicine, people were applying essential oils for medicinal purposes. Oil from evergreen shrub, tea tree, is especially revered by ancient peoples and especially Australian Aborigines. With the popular tea tree oil can be prepared home toothpaste,also is good for certain skin diseases.In fact, there is evidence that Aborigines have used oils from their local Melaleuca alternifolia tree for centuries to treat a wide range of conditions ranging from simple cough to severe skin diseases.As a powerful antibacterial agent, tea tree oil is able to kill almost anything harmful that resides in our mouth. With the addition of a few drops of tea tree oil and mixed with baking soda and purified water for example, gets excellent homemade toothpaste. You can make a simple but powerful substitute for mouthwash by mixing a few drops of tea tree oil to gargle for several minutes after brushing. Some people like to add peppermint oil to the mixture to improve the taste. If you do routinely morning gargle with¬† unrefined sunflower oil in the mouth it can add a bit of tea tree oil to further enhance the antibacterial effect. The oil is used for skin diseases, but it is better to check whether there is another deeper cause of skin disease. A possible reason for this may be intolerant of gluten or other food ingredient. Tea tree oil is simply smeared with a cotton swab on the affected area and leave for several hours.  

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