Here’s what scented candles make your body !

  4-4 Sweet vanilla , chocolate , apple and cinnamon scents are many expensive scented candles or air fresheners , but what really lies behind this alluring screen ? New research claims : a health hazard ! The results of the latest research showed that our common products such as scented candles and all kinds of scented fresheners like gels can be very sick. The researchers concluded that long-term exposure to these products can lead to the development of tumors, lung damage and asthma. Not only that, their chemical composition can transform the structure of DNA. If you are among those who prefer to enjoy the scented candles, you will be shocked by the fact that smells like the one that resembles incense in candles can cause cancerous mutations in DNA. Chemicals from these candles can be drawn into your lungs and cause severe reactions, says the research. The woody fragrances also are toxic, even more tobacco products, writes Womansday. Air fresheners can still be associated with asthma and disruption of hormones. The research showed that such fresheners contain high levels of formaldehyde, which can cause cancer of the throat and nose. Research International Journal of Public Health 2013 is the year showed that pregnant women who were exposed to air fresheners born children who were more prone to lung infections .. The research points out that the most terrible of all that scented candle should not be burned is not to be harmful to health. Evaporation candles that just standing in your home is dangerous in itself, writes Daily Mail. Does the potential danger of scented candles enough to no longer enjoy their tempting smell? -the Issue that should think about !!!

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