Here is How to Melt The Excess-Fat From Your Stomach in Less Than a Month (Video)!

8dd97606ed81104dcdf4db422aebbf74 The ‘’Plank’’ is definitely the best exercise where you can get rid of the belly fat and strengthen the back, trunk, legs , arms, and buttocks muscles, especially if you are not a fan of exercises that are difficult. In this exercise, the muscles work in a way like push-ups do, but here you have to hold the body in the top push-up position and it is very important to stay in the correct position. Make sure that your body is a flat line, while you lift the elbows and rely on toes. Make balance with distributing the weight on the legs and elbows and it will tense the buttock muscles. The exercise starts with holding your body for 20 seconds and it increases gradually in the following days. You will only see great results from this exercise. See the workout plan in the video below:

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