Golden rules of healthy eating


From time to time we tend to indulge in larger quantities or more calorie food . This does not mean that it will break your diet . If complying with the necessary rules can indulge in something delicious . Fruits and vegetables play a big role in preventing many diseases.

Focus on eating when you eat . According motivational method of weight loss is not recommended while you eat to read , watch TV or have a conversation or work . So focusing on what you do and the result will inevitably take more food than necessary and will not be able to enjoy the taste of food , leading to frustration and hunger.

Recent studies have shown that people who regularly take multivitamins , have much stronger immune systems and are more resistant to respiratory diseases.

Scientists have found that diets allowing to accept sweet things, are not less effective than other strict diets, as well as being much more pleasant and simpler compliance. Many of sweet temptations do not contain a lot of fat, such as wholemeal toast with jam or honey, corn flakes with sugar or waffles with maple syrup. Eat more products rich in carbohydrates - pasta varieties of dark wheat, beans, lentils, oatmeal, oats, fruits and whole grain bread. Studies show that products rich in carbohydrates stimulate insulin - a hormone that helps to reduce fat in the body and preventing diabetes.

Do not be tempted with large portions -  do not eat more than is necessary. The best way to reduce your portions is to spend on products the same money, but buying better products that are more expensive and will buy less. Change the practice of shopping and give a start to a healthy lifestyle. Two thirds of the cart filled with botanical food - one third fruit and vegetables and a third bread, pasta, rice, beans or potatoes. Last third has to be fresh meat, fish and low-calorie dairy products.

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