Get rid of the annoying flies with this recipe

If flies bored you and do not allow you to sit and relax on the terrace or in the courtyard , insert twenty cloves in apple and put it on the table and insects will bypass.


The summer always brings anxiety for insects invented at every step . But what is the most annoying , interferes to put lunch on the terrace or in the garden, are - flies.

Adhesive tape that attracts them is not the best solution , a spray can not all spray near food , because boring insects attack plates and utensils for dining . Therefore , if you want a perfect lunch, without the hum of uninvited " guests " , remember that there is a solution . And it's very simple . The 20 to 30 cloves insert into an apple , and put the apple on the table . You will be surprised how the flies disappear very quickly , bypassing your table . Because they can not stand the smell of cloves , and you will finally be able to enjoy a meal .

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