The facts that have not yet know about coconut oil

Fresh coconut oil in glassware on color wooden table and grid tray background Coconut oil has in recent years become a superstar on the stage of natural medicine. Today you will find a lot of magazine information about his incredible health properties. Paradoxically , in the 80s and 90s , scientists wrongly believed that coconut oil can lead to obesity and diseases caused by overweight because it is rich in fat . Today this is a misconception completely rejected . Scientists have found extensive evidence that certain fats for a healthy body , and coconut oil finally given the status it deserves.

1. People who consume coconut oil are healthier than average.

Many countries of the world (mainly the ones located in tropical regions) have long used coconut oil, in all forms and for all purposes, as the most important source of nutrients. Groups of people who regularly consume well known for their longevity and good health. A good example is a specific group of inhabitants of the Polynesian archipelago which is included in your diet, about 60% of fat from coconut oil. When they had recorded an extremely small number of heart disease, while, for comparison, high cholesterol and heart disease in the United States the number one cause of death.

2. Coconut oil gives you energy, while helping to lose weight.

Today obesity and fatigue common and widespread condition. Coconut oil helps in successfully these two problems because of the way by our body processes. This oil provides the body with energy and restores strength when you feel tired. It has a positive effect on overall metabolism, and its rapid decomposition is an important aid in weight loss.

3. Coconut oil successfully treated infection.

Coconut oil is rich in the ingredient called lauric acid . This acid has a disinfectant action and also protects against many diseases . Proven effective against viruses , bacteria and fungi . Equally successful is active against a variety of infections , and can be used externally or orally . For example , the most common cause of dandruff is the excess yeast fungus on the scalp . Regular use of coconut oil will help you to get rid of dandruff , thanks to its strong anti-fungal activity .

4. Coconut oil provides the body with healthy fats.

The coconut oil is 90 % saturated fat , which in the past have been unfairly blamed as a cause of obesity . Scientists today revealed a number of facts that speak in favor of how the fat from coconut oil is actually very healthy .  These are just some of the reasons why coconut oil has become so prized among people with natural resources want to be healthy . Coconut oil over the body brings many health benefits - some of which scientists may have not even discovered .

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