Natural fabric softener


Softener to make yourself at home is much cheaper than buying , but also healthier , since it contains only natural ingredients.

100 g baking soda

600 ml of white vinegar

700 ml of distilled water

essential oil of your choice


Prepare a large bowl of at least 4 liters , in which you will mix the ingredients . In the mixing bowl put baking soda and add 100 ml of water .

At this point you do not need to stir anything , just slowly start to pour vinegar .

Due to the adding of vinegar the mixture will begin to boil , because of the chemical reaction between vinegar and baking soda . Allow mixture to boil for a few minutes , in order to successfully melt the soda  .

Then add the remaining water , which will stop the boiling . Only then start to mix to get a homogeneous mixture .

At this point you can add essential oil if desired. If it comes to bought oils , which are generally diluted , can add 10-15 drops , but if it is a pure essential oil , then five drops will be more than enough .

Finally , choose a container with a stopper in which to store the finished product .

Use this conditioner like any other - when washing add about a cup of fabric softener into the compartment .

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