Drinks that really quench thirst

Are you thirsty ? The solution is not complicated!  Then drink green or black tea , home compotes and even juices ( but less acidic ) . Do not forget the irreplaceable grace - water! These are the main drinks that will relieve the feeling of dryness in the throat, will breathe freshness of the body and mostly will quench your thirst .If you bet but not any of the above elixirs and soda or juice drink with sweeteners, not only will not feel tortured quenching your thirst , but rather - even reinforce it .Preferably, of course, is mineral water. Besides all known its positive qualities, it helps to offset the deficit of salts that your body loses with sweat. The recovery of these salts is particularly important as they contribute to the proper functioning of some of the most important body organs.Flush with water any drink that slightly sour, also effectively quenches thirst. If compote or natural juice that you choose to eat or drink is not enough sour, you can add a few drops of lemon juice, which will be able to change the taste and deal with thirst.At the same time, it is important to know that whatever you choose to drink, you should not drink it ice cold. The low temperature prevents normal absorption of fluid and contained substances. It is recommended to be consumed warm or even hot drinks such at room temperature, the last is especially true for water. Not to fall into a situation of uncontrollable thirst, it is better to reduce the amount of drinks with caffeine. Alcohol and caffeine are essential for dehydration, and hence the constant desire for liquids. 

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