Dream against stress

HowMuchSleepDoYouReallyNeed Good sleep not only improves mood, but also melts away stress. Do your relaxing night's rest to stay healthy and smiling. Here are some tips for good sleep: - Eat fruits and vegetables, drink vitamins. If you eat healthy, you will feel better, and it will also affect your sleep. Maintaining good blood sugar levels help achieve a balanced internal clock. - Practice yoga. Learn to meditate. Breathing techniques will help in many stressful situations. Yoga improves sleep - Create your routine - 8 hours of sleep. Make it a habit lying down and getting up. Maintaining a routine will help you have a healthy and relaxing holiday. - Give yourself an appropriate environment. We know that you want to nap during watching TV, but that not good sleep. You need a dark room with thick curtains, without electronic lights of various gadgets. The bedroom should be a cool, quiet and dark. You will enjoy some truly restful sleep.

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