What diseases detected and treat cats

cat-and-her-person Even the most ordinary street cat can help a person much more than just to allow for itself to be cuddled . Among  all "smaller relatives " cats are considered the most common "household healers." If the owner succeed  to establish a relationship of trust with them, then the cat miraculously can find and heal the sick places on the owner.
Usually they lie in this place, warm it with their warmth, purr - and the pain goes away. The cat can lie on the affected area for several hours. Statistics show that cat owners are turning to doctors almost 5 times less than those without.Consider the 7 major positive influences on the cat on the human body:Withdrawal of fatigue and stressCats are able to calm your nerves after a hard day, reduce fatigue, stress, migraine, bring down blood pressure and normalize heart rhythm.Depending on the color of their fur cat has an impact on people:- Black Cats - take negative energy twice more than cat's with other colors. - Red cats - one loaded with its positive energy - Gray-blue cats - best calming the nervous system - Cream-colored cats - best tone our energy - White cats are the best healers in many waysHelp with cardiovascular disease You can find many true stories about how cats saved a person's life in heart failure. The fluffy doctors can even advance to feel and to warn owners about a possible hart attack. Cat owners know that their pets sometimes begin to cuddle  when they are significantly irritated or are under stress. The presence of a cat in the house reduces the risk of a second myocardial infarction. If a person, who recently suffered a heart attack, cuddles his beloved cat for several minutes a day than the  heart rate and blood pressure return to normal. Help for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract Cuddling a  cat proves useful for digestion.Short hair cats or one without fur can help to treat conditions of the gastrointestinal tract and the genitourinary system.Boosting up the immunity Cat purr being played at a frequency 4-16 Hz, a positive effect on human immunity. One explanation for this phenomenon, which give scientists is that purring like treatment with ultrasound, which supports the growth and strengthening of bones and accelerates wound healing. Also, it appears that Persian cats can relieve joint pain and symptoms of osteoarthritis (changes in articular cartilage). Increasing life expectancy Gerontologists have conducted a study on the impact of cats on the lifespan of their respective owners. Scientists have come to a surprising conclusion - people who throughout his life had a cat in the house, lived an average 10.3 years longer than those who did not haveCat as pet acupuncturist Cats can act as your personal home acupuncturist. Cats can climb on the owner, to put nails and irritate different acupuncture points, like a  real acupuncture session. This method of alternative medicine is very popular in China, and now has spread throughout the world. Cats like energy informative device Bio-Energetic's  believe that the cat is a real live energy device. By the behavior of cats it can be seen to what kinds of diseases a person is predisposed: - The cat sits on the head of the owner - the person is prone to headaches or high blood pressure. - Lies on the shoulders or left shoulder - the man has a tendency to cardiovascular disease. - Lies on the owners lover back  - the man has kidney problems. - The cat sits on legs - the man suffers from hypo tension (low blood pressure) or frequent colds. - Such an unusual benefit can bring the most ordinary domestic cats to their owners, and this for free.

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