The Chinese Anti-Cancer Diet: How This Woman Cured Her Breast Cancer In 6 Weeks Flat

lll-4 Shortly after her 42nd birthday, Jane Plant was diagnosed with breast cancer. After the cancer returned for the fifth time, doctors informed her that she only has two months left to live. This was a real shocker for Jane, who had three children to raise. However, Jane and her husband decided to put all their efforts to find a way to eliminate the cancer in the last two months of Jane’s life. A turning point
One of the first things that Jane and her husband found was the lower breast cancer rate in women from China compared to the USA. They did some research on the region, and concluded that the difference between the women in the two countries was the diet. Jane immediately started a Chinese anti-cancer diet. It included no dairy products, low animal protein intake, pulses, nuts, vegetables and large amounts of fruit. Only six weeks after starting the diet, Jane’s tumor has disappeared. However, the oncologist firmly believe that the tumor will be back. But, six years until now, and Jane still hasn’t seen a trace of the tumor. She appreciates life like never before and she believes that she has cured this fatal disease. She continued following the diet because it’s tasty and healthy too. After 17 years of battle with cancer, Jane is now completely free from the disease.

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