The best way to remember information

cum-sa-ti-imbunatatesti-memoria-trucuri-de-psihologie-cognitiva They say that the most effective way to remember something is to paint it . Or at least to this conclusion reached Canadian psychologists from the University of Waterloo. Participants in the experiment had to memorize as many words from a list for a limited time . The words were selected so as to be able to be easily draw or re written for better retention. Then, to further facilitate the process of remembering, students received a task of classification of musical tones. Finally, the researchers asked them to recall as many words from the original list for 60 seconds. Scientists found that the words that were painted by the volunteers are remembered almost double compared with the one that where re-written . This advantage was called by the authors of the study "The effect of painting." In other variations of the experiment, participants should record the words several times or add some visual changes to write letters such as various hooks and bars. But that hardly affected the outcome. The percentage of painted words that volunteers remember, remained significantly higher than everyone else. The researchers noted that it doesn't matter the quality of the drawings or the presence of artistic talent for remembering the words. Even if the participants in the experiment had only four seconds to paint , the percentage of words that were able to remember almost didn't changed. Scientists state that worked only with individual words. Now they continue the study of the processes of storing other types of information. The study was published in the edition of The Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology.

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