Be carefull! These five snacks are not really healthy

Screen-Shot-2015-09-10-at-3.46.07-PM   It can be really tricky finding a snack roaming through all those isles in the store, especially one that can be healthy and convenient for you. Most snacks in supermarkets, especially the packaged ones are really unhealthy, they have high calorie value, fat and sugar. A lot of snacks are labeled healthy even though they carry their own risks and are not essentially helpful. Here is a list of fake healthy snacks that are actually considered good: 1.    Veggie chips 00760 Most foods that contain the word veggie in it are healthy and actually help. But that is not the case with veggie chips. The problem with veggies chips is that in the listing at the bottom of the package you could see that there are not actual vegetables in the chips. What is being done primarily is food coloring added to regular potatoes. Doesn’t mean that they are lower in fat, in fact, they are higher in sodium. A good alternative to veggie chips is having raw vegetables with maybe a French onion dip low in fat. 2.     Pretzels pretzels5 The truth is that pretzels are high in carbs and despite being low in fat, they have next to no nutritional value. Nut for some reason, they are remember as healthy snacks alternative to chocolate and similar known unhealthy snacks. A los pretzels are not very tasty and don’t satisfy your sweet tooth. A good alternative for pretzels is popcorn. It’s more nutritious and saltier. 3.     Granola bars SONY DSC There is an unknown and unexplained reason why granola bars are considered a healthy snack. They are extremely high in sugar, and more often have more sugar than normal candy bar. They also seem to have trans fats. Even though they do have some nutritional value, they are accompanied with a lot of calories. Choose wisely your granola bars. You can always check the label and look for those with less than four grams of sugar and maybe don’t have hydrogenated oils. Or if you can avoid them, try having a handful of nuts or a grain cracker on which you could spread peanut butter. 4.     Dried fruit 03_dried_fruit Granola and dried fruit are the most famous food considered a healthy snack. But they are wrongfully viewed as healthy. Dried fruit actually contains all its natural sugar that had before being dried. The water has been removed, but the calories are higher that a real fruit. A good choice instead would be to eat the actual fruit, rather than the unhealthier version. 5.     Bran muffins img_5670 Bran muffins don’t necessarily contain a lot of bran. Being names “bran muffins” makes them being thought of as healthy, which is wrong. Try and not to get them in coffee shops or bakeries, but rather find them in some place where you could read their label and find out their value. You could also make your own and that way control what you’re having. Reading labels is the best way to avoid being tricked by popular opinion. Source:

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