6 Exercise Which Will Help You Burn Belly Fat Without Running or Jogging!

Nowadays, the word is that cardio is definitely not the most effective way of achieving your dream body. Actually, resistance training is the answer you were looking for. burpee-56a2b6283df78cf772791274 Pushups and Squats Increase Muscle Mass According to a study, which included 53 patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, resistance exercise significantly increased the muscle mass and the fat-free mass. Moreover, this type of exercise also decreased the fatty liver, iron and insulin levels. So, this study proved that this type of exercise improves the metabolic syndrome in patients who have non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. There is a lot of information about different types of exercise and it is sometimes difficult to decide which type is ideal for you. Nevertheless, in this article you can read about the absolutely BEST exercises. Doing them will cost you nothing, yet you will tone and tighten your body. Burpees burpee-300x168 Similar to up-downs with a jump added into the motion, this is a full body exercise that targets your central part and also increases your stamina. After the first couple of sets, you should be able to the increase the speed of your motions. For optimal results, try to do them as fast as you can. Ideally, you should be doing 100 of these per day. The results will be inevitable in only a week. Tuck jumps tuck-296x300 It is quite logical to think that jumping in place cannot be as good as running, but the fact is that tuck jumps can boost your stamina and help you get rid of a huge number of calories in a short period of time. The best part is that you don’t have to go out to exercise and you don’t need a spacious room to perform them. While you are performing tuck jumps, put your arms in front of your body and extend them. In addition, pull the knees up while jumping. During this period of time, try to touch the knees with the hands. Try to perform the maximum number of tuck jumps in one session. Jump rope jump-rope-300x221 This is an amazing cardio workout, which will burn calories and boost stamina all at one time.  You can rely on jump roping when you feel like you need to spice up a workout. You can either do this at a slow or accelerate pace, use the tuck jump and many other things. High Knee Sprints high-knees-300x300 Running lets you change the speed and motion in order to improve efficiency. On the other hand, high knee sprints is the motion that people make when running in one spot, but this time you keep moving forward. High knee sprints are very effective when it comes to shredding calories and boosting hear rate. They are much more effective compared to jogging or even running. It is up to you to decide whether you will use the same pace all the time or you will boost speed. In addition, try to use high knee sprints as part of your jogging routine. Don’t forget to take small breaks between these changes. Long Jumps long-jumps-300x168 Long jumps require a wide open space in order to be performed effectively. The key thing is to jump as far as you can, so the wider the space, the more effective your workout is. Keeping your feet firmly on the ground, jump as far forward as you can. It’s recommended to do sets of 10-20 jumps for at least three times to build lower body and core strength. This will also improve your balance and coordination, because you’ll have to maintain your balance. Mountain Climbers mc-300x200 This probably is the most effective workout as it works on the entire body as you need to use your whole body to do them correctly. Some benefits that come with mountain climbers are increased circulation, stronger arms, core and leg muscles. All you need to do is a couple set of 50 and you cn do them while watching TV if you like. Source: http://www.healthylivingstyle.net

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