5 Flowers You Didn’t Know You Could Eat


Your salad's never looked so pretty.

Edible flowers add a special touch to salads. Once the salad has been tossed with dressing, pick off petals from these edibles and add them on top. Many flowers have a strong flavor, so use a light hand when adding them to your greens.


Nasturtium-Empress-of-IndiaThese are available in a scope of colors. Both flowers and leaves add a peppery flavor to mixed greens. 


RX_calendulaSprinkle individual petals of this prolific grower lightly on a salad for a colorful and tasty touch.

Herb Flowers

DSCF2972Basil, chives, dill, fennel, and arugula flowers all add a spark of aromatic flavor and a burst of color to salads.


31811Whether wild or cultivated, delicately flavored violas jazz up a bowl of mescalin greens like nothing else.


borage-flowerSimultaneously working as one of the 81 Border Plants That Are Better Than A Fence, these intense blue star shaped flowers add a burst of color that contrasts nicely with greens. The flower's delicate flavor tastes similar to cucumber. Separate the flower from the stem for a softer texture. 

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