This is a list of drinks – the greatest enemies for excess weight

 be-healthy-alcohol-calories-151204a We constantly talking about food products that are causing weight gain , and often forgets the drinks that we  daily consume.Ordinary water is the best drink for weight loss and general health. Soft drinks, flavored water, energy drinks, and healthy shakes often contain hidden sugars and lots of calories. Introducing the list of drinks that you should avoid if you want a slim line: 1. Juice - Purchased juices are rich in sugars and they contain artificial sweeteners and preservatives. If you want to drink juice, buy only one that contains 100% fruit. 2. Lemonade - Like Juice, bought lemonade contains sweeteners, preservatives and artificial colors. Better, make yourself a lemonade, and as a sweetener use honey. 3. Water with "flavor" - Those who can not drink plain water have a large selection of water enriched with various flavors. Though this "type" of water contains vitamins, it contains artificial sweeteners also. 4. Soda - Carbonated soft drinks are directly associated with the weight gain problem and therefore many are choosing some diet varieties. Diet drinks contain calories, but have absolutely no nutritional value. If you drink diet Coke for the whole day instead of water or tea, you will harm your health. According to the American Diabetes Association, the regular consumption of dietary drinks can lead to emergence of type 2 diabetes. 5. Cocktail - alcohol contain many calories, but the cocktails, you can never be sure what they contain. "Pina colada" can contain up to 700 calories, and "margarita" 800 calories, which is eight times more than a glass of rum. Instead cocktail, go for a glass of red wine, which contains only 85 calories and helps in weight loss. 6. Shake Fruit - Fruit is healthy and Shake is a perfect breakfast or snack. But due to the large intake of sugar may contain up to 700 calories. One shake can contain the same amount of calories like a whole pineapple, mango or a cup of strawberries and blueberries,combined  together ... 7. Energy drinks - Many sports and energy drinks contain a mixture of natural and artificial sweeteners, or numerous additives. Energy drinks contain too much caffeine and sugar and allow only a brief increase in power. 8. liquor - Regular consumption of more than two glasses of alcohol increases the risk of obesity and other diseases, such as cancer risk. 9. Organic Products coffee - Plain black coffee contains few calories, but sweetened drinks of coffee with " sweet peak" - whipped cream, caramel and chocolate, can contain 500-800 calories. These drinks contain more sugar than caffeine . 10. The sweetened tea - Tea contains antioxidants , but high intake of sugar can cause a rise in blood sugar and lead to weight gain. Better option for natural fruit tea such as green tea mango flavor .

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