The first hour after waking up is the ” golden hour ” : Here’s what to do!

The first hour after waking up is the "golden hour" because then the brain is rested, which is why we think more clearly and it's easier to make decisions. Therefore, it is an ideal time to prepare for a fantastic day, and here's how extremely successful people do it!

Get up early

Successful people do not allow themselves to lose time delaying alarm five times in the morning. This button is actually only postpone in some inevitable situation , so get out of bed when the alarm rings, wash and face a new day. I smile to the day !

Do sports

Before breakfast, successful people take the time for a little recreation. That way you can boost up the metabolism and stimulates the brain function, so that you exercise in the morning certainly can change your life.

Remind yourself of the goals and deadlines

Take a moment to consider why you are doing what you do, this is a great way to start the day. Successful people , set aside five minutes to write their life goals and dreams,every morning, and then write and schedule for the day ahead.

They remind themselves to what they are grateful

Is there a better way to start the day than to remember what to appreciate in your life,and for what you are grateful? Successful people are doing it, so you can try , the day will be more beautiful!

They are informed

Set aside a few minutes to read the morning news, that can influence the decisions you make during the day. It does not matter what you do, some news can help you see things from a different perspective.

Do not forget  your close people

Do not forget about your partner, children or close people while trying to start a productive morning. Successful people are successful because they never forget what is truly important in life and never forget nice people.

Mentally prepared

Visualize  days ahead will help you prepare for what's comming. Some people are preparing by reading motivational books, listen to music that driven them ...

Check your email

Successful people like to be well organized, because the morning check e-mail in order to know what to expect during the day.


Truly successful people know how important it is to start the day in a good mood. Therefore, they try to make they're morning as much positive as they could - sing, dance animatedly while taking showers, talking to themselves, encourage themselves ... do anything that will put a smile on they're faces.

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