See how emotions influence your health

12123 The idea or theory that all to himself 'creates' disease is no longer classified as an extreme alternative to which western doctors rolling there  eyes in disbelief. 'What are you thinking, what are you afraid of, what you believe or do not believe, how much are you willing to fight and agree to' all get 'writes' in the body. This description of pain or diseases and disorders may can help you to better understand your body and your thoughts and their relationship. Of course it's every man for himself as an individual, but for most of the following applies: Headaches - occur when you punish yourself. Migraines are those who want to be perfect and they create pressure under which they live. There are also a lot of repressed anger.  Eyes - Problems with eyes indicate that there is something about your self, your past and future that you do not want to see. Denial and a desire to 'do not watch' what's going on, causing problems with the sense of sight. Hearing - problems demonstrate that there is something you do not want to hear. Earache says that there is  anger in you because of what you have heard. (Have you noticed that the partner of the person who talks too much has a hearing problem?) Heart - represents love, and the blood is a joy. The heart pumps joy through the body. When life itself deny the joy and love, your heart is shrink, shrivels and becomes 'cool'. The result is a slower blood flow and open the way to anemia, angina pectoris or myocardium . People who have survived a heart attack had never rejoiced life. Stomach - digest all your ideas and experiences. You have a stomachache . What or who can not digest? Or, that this new experience can not be assimilated? You're afraid. Legs - carry through life. Problems with the legs often indicate that there is a fear of movement to go forward or reluctance to move in a certain direction. When there is something that you don"t want to do, you will feel the problems with your feet.  Feet - are linked to the understanding of ourselves and life around them, past, present and future. Skin - is your individuality. When you have problems with your skin, you feel that you are in some way threatened, and that others rule you. Overweight  - is the need for protection. Obese people seeking protection in order not to be hurt, despised, criticized, deceived. They have a fear of life. Pain - any kind of talk about the feeling of guilt. Guilt always seeks punishment, and the punishment is painful. Chronic pain is a chronic sense of guilt so deeply rooted that man is not even aware of. 

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