20-COMMON-CANCER-SYMPTOMS-ALMOST-EVERY-WOMAN-IGNORES Every woman’s body undergoes some slight changes during their period but it is important that women should be attentive to changes that are odd and mysterious. Even though a lot of routine checkups can point to the presence of cancer in the body, women should look beyond the results of checkups and more closely at what their body is telling them. Commonly Overlooked Signs Chest Pain or Chronic Cough Bad coughs as well as bronchitis can signify that you may have some type of cancer including lung tumors and leukemia. Many people who suffer from lung cancer report chest pain which is known to extend down the arm and up into the shoulders. Shortness of Breath or Wheezing The inability to catch their breath is one of the first symptoms for lung cancer. Difficulty Swallowing It’s usually one of the first symptoms of lung cancer and it can be also related with throat cancer and esophageal. Infections or Frequent Fevers They can be manifested as a result of leukemia- cancer of the blood cells. This severe condition disallows the body to fight against infections. Bleeding That Doesn’t Stop or Excessive Bruising This is a clear sign of some abnormality in the red blood cells and it is often a symptom of leukemia. Lymph on the underarm, neck or groin or swollen lymph nodes When we have certain changes in the lymphatic system, it can be a sigh of cancer. Abdominal Weight Gain or Bloating Most of the women who are experiencing ovarian cancer have reported abdominal bloating for a long period of time. Abdominal Pain or Pelvic Ovarian cancer is often manifested through cramps and pain in the abdomen and the pelvis. Also, abdominal pain can be a symptom of leukemia. Unable to Eat and Feeling Satiated These are symptoms of ovarian cancer. Women claim that they don’t have appetite and even deny eating food for some period. Weakness This is a common symptom in many different types of cancer. If you feel tired without explanation, talk to your doctor! Nipple Changes Inverted, flattened or sideways turned nipple could be a symptom of breast cancer. A Skin Lump that Bleeds Easily, Becomes Crusty or Doesn’t Heal These are sign of melanoma, a skin cancer. You must inspect your body for strange-looking spots or growths. Swelling or Facial Features Common signs for people with lung cancer are redness, swelling or puffiness in the face. Their blood is prevented from flowing from the face and head. Pain in the Lower Right Side or Back These symptoms were reported by many people who suffer from liver cancer, but they can also be a sign of breast cancer. Changes in the Nails Odd changes in your fingernails can signify different types of cancer. A black or brown streak or a dot under your nails is usually signs of skin cancer. Patients with liver cancer often reported white or pail nails. source:superhealthypage.com

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