10 Amazing Beauty Hacks Every Woman Should Include In Her Schedule

1. Treatment for sore feet You can gently massage your feet in order to soothe the pain. In a bowl combine 3 drops of clove oil along with 3 tablespoons of sesame oil. Now gently massage your feet with the mixture. The pain will disappear in just 15 minutes. 2. Natural homemade cure for double chin If you want to tone the facial muscles you have to chew a gum – preferably sugar free, couple of times every day. It is important to chew a sugar free gum because you will maintain healthy gums and teeth. 3. Ingrown nail treatment You just need to soak your finger in soapy and warm water for approximately 10-20 minutes two times every day. Apply anti-fungal or antibiotic cream and afterwards use a bandage to cover your nail. You can repeat this process until you achieve the desired results. 4. In order to prevent breast cancer you have to detoxify your armpits Do not use harmful deodorants; just use solutions for detox in order to get rid of the toxins from the organism. Make this natural deodorant. It requires four ingredients only – rosemary essential oil, apple cider vinegar, cilantro essential oil and betonite clay. In a bowl combine the apple cider vinegar with the bentonite clay. Mix well and add the essential oils. Apply the mixture on your armpit. Leave it for a couple of minutes or until it dries. Wash and rinse your armpits. In order to minimize the chances of breast cancer you should use this mixture once a week. 5. Do not eat non-vegetarian meals This will also help you to lose weight and you will be protected from different heart diseases. 6. Healthy diet plan If you drink a lot of cocktails your complexion will be dusky and dull. Do not eat cakes, processed foods chocolates, biscuits and white rice. You should eat more healthy foods instead of fatty and spicy foods. 7. Use only natural moisturizers Honey is one of the best natural moisturizers. If you use honey your skin will glow and if you use it 3 times in a week the results will be amazing. 8. Use banana peel to whiten your teeth You just have to rub the banana peel on your teeth for approximately one minute. Afterwards leave the peel on your teeth for ten minutes. You should repeat this process couple of times weekly in order to achieve best results. 9. Use toothpaste to whiten your nails Combine little bit of lemon juice with your toothpaste. Gently rub the mixture on your nails. Leave it to dry completely and afterwards wash your hands. 10. Nothing better than a warm shower before bed It is not important if you are tired or lazy, one hot shower will make a huge difference. If you shower before going to bed you will sleep better as well. If you want you can share all of these amazing tips with your friends. Source:http://healthymagician.com

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